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Lock Nut Removal

Locking wheel nuts - also known as lug nuts - secure the wheels of your vehicle and prevent them from being stolen. Drivers will need a locking wheel nut key to remove the nuts, but this tool can be misplaced.

Keith Butler Tyres help vehicle owners who have lost, damaged, or never owned a locking wheel nut key, by removing locking wheel nuts when they cannot do so themselves.

Our team of highly experienced technicians use specialist tools to ensure every lock nut removal service is completed without causing damage to your vehicle. We cater to private cars and commercial fleet vehicles that require professional and immediate assistance.

The mobile locking wheel nut removal service provided by Keith Butler Tyres provides customers with a professional and efficient service when you need us most.

Locking wheel nuts deter criminals, but they can also leave vehicle owners unable to remove damaged or punctured tyres when they do not have the proper tools. We help you get back on the road quickly and safely without damaging your wheels.

Keith Butler Tyres serve customers throughout Carlow, Kildare, Wicklow, Kilkenny and Laois. Get in touch with us to discuss our flexible and affordable mobile locking wheel nut removal services.

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Why Choose Our Lock Nut Removal Service?

  • Competitive pricing

  • Flexible service options

  • Quick response times

  • We come to you (roadside, home, work)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I damaged a wheel nut after trying to remove it myself. Can you still remove the nut?

    Damaged wheel nuts can be still be removed depending on their condition. However, this may lead to longer removal times and an increased cost.

  • How long does a lock nut removal service take to complete?

    The duration of services will differ from vehicle to vehicle. Nuts that have been over-tightened or damaged can affect the amount of time it takes to complete removal service. Get in touch with us to share your requirements.